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The Uninsurable FINES AND PENALTIES you need to know about

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Not talking about Traffic Fines either, but you get the gist! For those who have accepted Management Liability or specifically Statutory Liability Insurance on the understanding that it is insurance…

Unfun-fact: Australia is the world’s second most litigious country

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Why In today's “sue or be sued” world, where for the latter you may have proverbially ‘pissed someone off without knowing or even meaning to, Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) covers…

Online Shopping- t’is the season for Cybercriminals….shalala la la la la

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This year, Australians are predicted to spend over $58 billion on pre-Christmas shopping – an increase of around 11% on 2019 pre-pandemic spending, according to the Australian Retailers Association and…

Personal Cyber Insurance- when the safety net is broken!

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Is your family using smartphones, tablets or PC’s for personal use? Did you know that 1 in 5 Australian young people reported being socially excluded, threatened or abused online. 55%…

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