Insurance Claims

Claims Handling

A key part of our services is in the handling of your claims.

The value and integrity of the relationship with us is in the provision of effective claims handling and advice.

From the outset and when you make contact with us, we ensure that we fully understand the circumstances by which a loss has occurred.

We then undertake the following activities;

  • Understand how your policy responds in such circumstances
  • Review any technical policy interpretations (if any) with you
  • Obtain as much detail as possible usually by assisting in completing the insurer’s Claim Form
  • Submit a claim to the insurer
  • Follow up on the progress of your claim within a known time frame
  • Negotiate any settlement of the claim with your insurer
  • Ensure you have received full entitlements

We co-ordinate between you, your insurer and any other parties involved, ways to address the underlying losses with the likes of;

  • Suppliers (assessors, investigators, multi trade builders)
  • Repairers
  • Retailers

We are experienced in understanding the processes by which to effectively manage claims so that there is clarity and an open line of communication between us at every juncture.

Claims do require a clients involvement make no mistake, but we are an advocate for you, not the insurer to achieve best possible outcomes.