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Forms are an essential part of our understanding on how your business is performing at a particular point in time.

Forms commonly known as Declarations or Proposals provide us with vital updated information that can include;

    • Changes to your core Business activities
    • Size of Business (sales turnover, number of employees, etc.)
    • Any incidents which potentially could give rise to a Claim that you have not told us about or simply has been to trivial or minor too mention. – We want it all!
    • Customer or Supplier Contracts you may have entered into that you have not advised us about previously for which can be onerous (eg;Hold Harmless clauses, Limitations of Liability) and lead to an uninsured risk Exposure
    • Use of Sub Contractors or Labour Hire where to an insurer, can alter a risk substantially as Injury claims not fully covered for these parties (eg;Workcover) are then matters that could effect your Liability policy and how that policy may respond

Invariably, if we are not provided with requested information well ahead of Insurance Expiry date, can make it more difficult to negotiate and achieve a competitive deal in the market on your behalf.

Most underwriters will not consider Broker quote requests within 14 days of expiry and some even 30 days.

Here is a guide on completing forms that are not always friendly to arrange online;

  • Subscribe to a reputable Document Reader program (eg; Adobe Acrobat Pro DC) which will allow you to Edit a form with typed “Answers”, making it much clearer to read
  • Digital Signature- having a digital signature can save time over printing a form, completing, scanning and then sending it to us
  • Ensure the form can be saved to your device before sending by Email
  • Carefully review the document you are about to send!
  • Where in cases of a “Claim” we do provide a Link to access an insurers Claim Form, always “Save as you go” or ensure that you take note of a Receipt or Claim number upon completion. This allows us to follow up on matters with insurers shortly after lodgement.

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