Protection for your business

Business Insurance Melbourne

When you’ve put a lot of time and effort into building a business, you want to do everything you can to ensure its ongoing success. That’s why having business insurance is so important.

Whatever the size and shape of your business, there are a range of flexible business insurance options designed to protect your business from the everyday risks .

Asset & Property Protection

  • Business Package

Certain Business package policies are designed to assist small to medium sized businesses in protecting their business premises and everything in it from damage or loss. Read more…

  • Industrial Special Risk Insurance

Industrial Special Risk Insurance is designed for larger, more diverse businesses where it is more practical to combine several individual policies into one. We have several clients insured by this customized form of Property Insurance would usually be considered where;   i)  Property Asset value exceeds $3 million   ii) Manufacturing in and away from your premises  iii) Complex or high risk occupation activities.

  • Business Interruption

Across a broad range of industry sectors, we consider that every business is vulnerable to events like fire, flood or burglary. But while most businesses have insurance to cover their buildings, equipment and stock, many don’t protect their greatest asset of all – their ability to generate revenue. Read More

Public & Products Liability 

Public Liability Insurance protects you against the risk of someone being injured, or having their property damaged, as a result of your activities.

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General Property 

General Property Insurance is often a form useful to protect those businesses that use their Equipment often outside their domiciled working premises.

Equipment including;

  • Portable Electronics (laptops, mobiles)
  • Light Machinery (surveying equipment, concrete cutters, etc.)
  • Tradesmans Tools (Circular Saws, etc.)
  • Medical Equipment (mobile Diagnostics, respirators, etc.)
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Musical Instruments

Optional Covers can include Theft in the Open Air (for example;  lockable open trailers, outside locked job sites) against damage or loss. Read more…

Professionals Insurance

Professional Business Insurance allows you to protect your business premises and equipment from damage or loss. Read more…

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed for people who provide professional advice for a living, including accountants, marketing consultants and medical professionals. Read more…

Commercial Motor Insurance

Commercial Motor Insurance allows you to protect the vehicles that your business owns, from small hatchbacks to trucks with a carrying capacity of up to five tonnes, whether they’re on and off the road. Read more…

Fleet Motor Insurance

Fleet Motor Insurance is specifically designed for medium to large businesses that have 15 or more commercial vehicles for your mobile sales or delivery teams. Read more…

Heavy Motor Insurance

Heavy Motor Insurance provides specialised protection for heavy mobile machinery, or vehicles with a carrying capacity of over five tonnes. Read more…

Contract Works and Legal Liability Insurance

Contract Works and Legal Liability Insurance is designed for businesses who own, run or manage any type of construction site – protecting you against major contingencies before, during and after completion. Read more…

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance protects your employees against any injuries that may happen to them at work. Read more…

Not-For-Profit Organisations Insurance

Not-For-Profit Organisations Insurance is specifically designed for volunteer and community groups. Read more…

Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance protects you against financial loss if you experience a major interruption to your business – including covers designed specifically for farms including machinery breakdowns or loss of feed and stock. Read more…