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As many have adjusted their daily work routines in recent times one thing is almost certain, having a barista made coffee at your local café each morning is a routine and luxury we can’t live without.

Arguably that early morning occasion sets us up well for a hectic day ahead.

Whether you have a favourite place on your travels each day or, just like to spread the love and try the many cafes about town, Cafes are an important fabric to our society that knits our wellbeing and brings people closer together wherever we may go.

Insurance Fact check:-Lloyd’s of London was founded by Edward Lloyd at his coffee house on Tower Street in 1600’s. It was popular with sailors, merchants, and ship owners, and Lloyd catered to them with reliable shipping news and Risk information over the seas which was the genesis of Insurance and what it stands for today.  Pirates, Jettison, or ships just disappearing off the face of the earth way back when were the type of risks discussed.

Similar to Mr Lloyd, face to face meetings with our clients are a ways we much prefer to do business however, with social distancing becoming the new normal for a while yet, we have had to adjust our ways and adapt accordingly.

As we have had some really good experiences connecting with our clients via Zoom, Microsoft Teams and the like in recent times, wherever we can make our meetings more engaging and enjoyable, we invite you to connect with us online over a coffee and welcome you to also connect with us via our Facebook or Linkedin pages to receive important updates, news and information from us in future.

Please let us know the name of your favorite café as we would also like to support these businesses doing it rather tough during this time as well as forward you our complimentary Coverit Coffee mug for our next occasion.  

*We would also like to thank our friends at Fingers Crossed Ringwood for an amazing Pistachio, Raspberry Croissant they have waiting every Friday.

 Warm Regards, Damian


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